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Support Tools

RTSS has made available the following community support tools:

How to Use the Support Tools

» Report a Bug

As software bugs are discovered, users may submit a detailed bug report at the Bug Report Tracker.

Before posting a bug report, users should verify that it has not been already reported. If already reported, please add any relevant information to the original bug report.

» Request a Feature

Users who want to submit requests for enhancement to RTSS should use the Feature Request Tracker.

Please note that, these types of requests typically do not require an immediate response and responses typically come in a significantly long timeframe. In addition, users should be aware that submissions may be closed when the requested changes are incorporated in to the software, or when rejected by developers.

» Ask for Help

Installation, usage, potential bugs and other issues related to RTSS should be discussed in the Help Forum.

Since the Help Forum may be searched, users should see if a question has been answered previously before posting a message.

» Stay Updated on the Development

Users who are interested in tracking the latest bug fixes and task advancements, and/or in contributing/join to RTSS development should subscribe to the rtss-devel mailing list.

In order to avoid duplicate efforts, but also to receive feedback for the contribution and possibly assistance, it is suggested that interested users contact the development team before beginning to work on the contribution itself, by submitting a detailed description of the work they wish to perform.

» Stay Updated on Release Announcements

Users who are interested in staying up to date with the latest releases and related details should subscribe to the rtss-news mailing list.

Occasionally, other community-wide messages other than release announcements might also be sent through the mailing list.

» Learn More about RTSS

Users can learn about the major planned features for future releases of RTSS and learn details about RTSS internal implementation by referring to RTSS Development Wiki.


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