Return a homogeneous transformation for the roll/pitch/yaw angles (in radians) given as input. These correspond to rotations about the Z, Y and X axes respectively.

The number of inputs to this block is three and all inputs are regular inputs. The first input is the roll angle, i.e. a rotation about the Z-axis of current reference frame. The second input is the pitch angle, i.e. a rotation about the Y-axis of current reference frame. The third input is the yaw angle, i.e. a rotation about the X-axis of current reference frame.

This block has one regular output.

Default Properties

Interfacing Function

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Computational Function (type 5)

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See Also

rt_eul2tr_if,  rt_tr2rpy_if,  rt_rpy2tr,  


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Matteo Morelli - Interdepartmental Research Center "E. Piaggio", University of Pisa, April 2007
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