This block computes a vector of joint accelerations that result from applying the actuator torque to the manipulator robot with joint coordinates q and velocities qd.

The number of inputs to this block is three and all inputs are regular inputs. The first input represents the joint state vector q. The second input is the joint velocity vector qd. The third input represents the vector torque of generalized torques applied to manipulator's end-effector. Each of these vector valued signals must have n elements, where n is the number of robot's consituent links.

This block has one regular output, the joint acceleration vector.

The robot model robot can be specified as block parameter.

Dialog Box

Compute robot joint accelerations
Robot object rt_robot()

Default Properties

Interfacing Function

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Computational Function (type 5)

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See Also

rt_robot_if,  rt_rne_if,  rt_accel,  


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Matteo Morelli - Interdepartmental Research Center "E. Piaggio", University of Pisa, April 2007
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