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Last update : October 2007

rt_puma560akb - create a Puma 560 robot object using the Armstrong, Khatib and Burdick kinematic notation[view code]

Calling Sequence

exec <PATH>/models/rt_puma560akb.sce;


This Scilab script creates the robot object p560m which describes the kinematic and dynamic characteristics of a Unimation Puma 560 manipulator. It uses Craig's modified Denavit-Hartenberg notation with the particular kinematic conventions from Armstrong, Khatib and Burdick. All quantities are in standard SI units.

Also defines the joint coordinate vectors qz, qready and qstretch corresponding to the zero-angle, ready and fully extended (in X-direction) poses respectively.


   // load Puma 560 parameters
   exec <PATH>/models/rt_puma560akb.sce;
   disp(p560m);                                 // display the robot

   // show it at qz, qready and qstretch poses
   h0 = scf(0); a0 = h0.children;
   a0.tight_limits = "on"; a0.rotation_angles = [73, -50];

   disp(qz);                                    // QZ
   disp(rt_fkine(p560m, qz));
   rt_plot(p560m, qz);

   disp(qready);                                // QREADY
   disp(rt_fkine(p560m, qready));
   rt_plot(p560m, qready);

   disp(qstretch);                              // QSTRETCH
   disp(rt_fkine(p560m, qstretch));
   rt_plot(p560m, qstretch);


See Also

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original Matlab version by

Peter I. Corke CSIRO Manufacturing Science and Technology

Scilab implementation by

Matteo Morelli Interdepartmental Research Center "E. Piaggio", University of Pisa


Corke, P.I. "A Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB", IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, Volume 3(1), March 1996, pp. 24-32

B. Armstrong, O. Khatib and J. Burdick. "The explicit dynamic model and inertial parameters of the Puma 560 arm." in Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. Robotics and Automation, vol. 1, (Washington, USA), pp. 510-18, 1986.

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