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Last update : October 2007

link/rt_friction - compute joint friction torque[view code]

Calling Sequence

tau_f = rt_friction(link, qd)



This function computes the joint friction torque based on friction parameter data, if any, in the link object link.

Friction is a function only of joint velocity qd. If qd is a vector (p > 1) then tau_f is a vector in which each element is the friction torque for the corresponding element in qd.

The friction model is a fairly standard one comprising viscous friction and direction dependent Coulomb friction.


   // The following example shows how rt_friction() can be used to compute
   // the joint friction torque for the waist joint of a Puma 560 robot
   exec <PATH>/models/rt_puma560.sce;       // load Puma 560 parameters
   wjoint = p560.links(1);                  // waist joint
   rt_showlink(wjoint);                     // display link data
   qd = [-1.2088, 2.7204],                  // joint velocity vector
   wjfrict = rt_friction(wjoint, qd),

   // qd(1)<0 => qd(1)*wjoint.B + wjoint.Tc(2)
   qd(1)*wjoint.B + wjoint.Tc(2),

   // qd(2)>0 => qd(2)*wjoint.B + wjoint.Tc(1)
   qd(2)*wjoint.B + wjoint.Tc(1),

See Also

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original Matlab version by

Peter I. Corke CSIRO Manufacturing Science and Technology

Scilab implementation by

Matteo Morelli Interdepartmental Research Center "E. Piaggio", University of Pisa


Corke, P.I. "A Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB", IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, Volume 3(1), March 1996, pp. 24-32

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